One-third of Sri Lankan children malnourished – WFP

One-third of Sri Lankan children malnourished – WFP

According to an assessment conducted by the World Food Programme (WFP) on crop and food security for 2023 around 17 percent of the population is facing food insecurity,

The report reveals that one-third (31 percent)of the children aged under 5 are malnourished and  20 percent of children aged under 5 suffer from wasting (a weight-for-height indicator of the international standard or by a mid-upper arm circumference between 11 cm and 12.5 cm)

The WFP report however acknowledges that the year 2023 is an improvement from 2022 statistics. Last year, 28 percent of households were noted as food-insecure observes the WFP report.

In Sri Lanka, nearly a quarter of the households were unable to meet most or all of their basic needs and  27 percent of households are skipping meals to feed their children.
Nine out of ten households cannot guarantee nutritious food for their children.

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