Kandula Carries Tooth Relic for First Time

Kandula Carries Tooth Relic for First Time

The Kelaniya Temple’s tusker Kandula was given the honor of carrying the casket containing the sacred tooth relic at the Kandy Esala Perahera this week.

This was the first time that Kandula had carried the relic, and it was a significant moment for the elephant and for the festival.

Kandula was one of two elephants donated by Thailand to Sri Lanka more than 20 years ago.

The other elephant, Muthuraja, had previously carried the relic on several occasions. However, Muthuraja was taken back to Thailand in 2019 amidst allegations that he was not being treated well.

Kandula is a well-respected elephant in Sri Lanka. He is known for his gentle temperament and his strong sense of duty.

He has been trained extensively for the Esala Perahera, and he is considered to be one of the best elephants in the country for carrying the relic.

The Esala Perahera is a major Buddhist festival that is held in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is a colorful and vibrant procession that celebrates the arrival of the sacred tooth relic in Sri Lanka.

The festival is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Kandula’s carrying of the sacred tooth relic was a major highlight of this year’s Esala Perahera.

It was a proud moment for the elephant, for the temple, and for the country.

It was also a reminder of the close ties between Sri Lanka and Thailand, and of the shared cultural heritage of the two countries.

In addition to Kandula and Muthuraja, there have been several other elephants who have carried the sacred tooth relic at the Esala Perahera.

These include Raja, Nadungamuwe Raja, and Indi Raja. All of these elephants were highly respected and revered by the people of Sri Lanka.

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