Is film art or industry?

Is film art or industry?

While the debate on whether the film is an art or an industry continues the efforts of minister Wimal Weerawansa to get the film into his ministry moves on.

The representatives of film organizations met with minister Weerawansa to plan out the next steps to be taken after naming cinema as an industry.

introducing a Mini Theatre system that allows up to 100 viewers to watch movies simultaneously, in supermarkets was discussed. A regulatory authority to promote and regulate the film industry, and strategy for local filmmakers to navigate the international cinema were among the other matters that were discussed.

Previously filmmakers met Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who agreed to grant back the tax concession which was initially granted by him during his tenure as President and which was annulled by the previous Good Governance Government however it seems that this step has not been to revive the ailing film industry.

Currently, the Film Corporation comes under Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who is Minister of Buddhashasana, Cultural & Religious Affairs. The effectiveness of the Film corporation has been quarried by many.

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