Sri Lankan Teller Saves Women

Sri Lankan Teller Saves Women

NAB Bank Teller Dilan Pathirannahalage Foils Romance Scam, Saves Woman from Financial Loss

Bank teller saves woman from losing $2000 to romance scam
The bank worker decided he ‘needed to act fast’ when he saw the transaction – and he was right


A heart-warming story unfolded at a National Australia Bank (NAB) branch in Melbourne when bank teller Dilan Pathirannahalage intervened to prevent a woman from falling victim to a cunning scam.

The woman, in her 60s, visited the Cranbourne bank to transfer a substantial sum of money overseas to someone she claimed was her boyfriend. However, Pathirannahalage grew suspicious upon noticing discrepancies in her story.

Probed Further

Despite the woman’s insistence, Pathirannahalage probed further, asking for the recipient’s surname. As the woman scrolled through her messages to find it, Pathirannahalage noticed the affectionate language in the texts, which raised red flags.

Upon learning that the supposed boyfriend needed the money for medical treatment in the UK, and his account had been frozen, Pathirannahalage grew even more concerned. The scammer instructed her to send the money to his friend in Sydney, further adding to the suspicion.

Pathirannahalage took the woman aside and contacted the bank’s fraud team, all while trying to convince her that she was being scammed. Despite initial disbelief, the woman eventually realized the truth and expressed gratitude for being saved from financial ruin.

Reflecting on the incident, Pathirannahalage emphasized the importance of seeking assistance when unsure about sending money, especially in cases involving unfamiliar individuals. He highlighted the cunning tactics employed by scammers who exploit people’s kindness and emotions for financial gain.

Romance Scams

NAB reports a nearly 30% increase in customer reports of romance scams compared to the previous year. Chris Sheehan, NAB’s Executive of Group Investigations, stressed the need for Australians to recognize the red flags of scams, which can have devastating financial and emotional consequences.

As romance and friendship scams continue to proliferate, Sheehan underscored the necessity of a coordinated national approach to combat the scam epidemic, particularly given the prevalence of such scams on online platforms.

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