T10  Cricket in December

T10 Cricket in December

Scheduled from December 12 to December 22, 2024, the much-anticipated inaugural edition of the Lanka T10 League is set to grace Sri Lanka’s cricketing landscape. Initially slated for 2023, the rescheduled dates aim to optimize the tournament’s success and provide an ideal window for a thrilling competition.

The Lanka T10 League emerges as a fresh jewel in Sri Lanka’s annual cricket calendar, promising a spectacle featuring a fusion of international cricketing stars and the country’s homegrown talents. Anticipated as a dynamic showcase, the tournament serves as a stage where emerging Sri Lankan players can share the field with global cricket icons.


Potential Success

Shammi Silva, President of Sri Lanka Cricket, expressed unwavering confidence in the tournament’s potential success, emphasizing its pivotal role in aligning Sri Lankan cricket with the dynamic trends shaping the sport. Silva remarked, “I have full confidence that this tournament will be a resounding success, contributing to Sri Lanka Cricket’s ability to stay current with the evolving trends in the game.”

Anil Mohan, Founder and CEO of IPG Group and a crucial figure in the consortium holding event rights, conveyed his enthusiasm for orchestrating another captivating chapter in Sri Lankan cricket. Mohan underscored the league’s mission to create an exhilarating platform, uniting international luminaries and local talents, with a vision to etch history in every match.

The Lanka T10 League will see the participation of six men’s teams, representing regional cricket hubs, each comprising a squad of 16 players, including six foreign players. Shaji ul Mulk, Chairman of TTen Global Sports and representative of the Lead Partner of the Event Rights Consortium, expressed gratitude to Sri Lanka Cricket for their support. He highlighted the league’s endorsement by esteemed entities like SLC, emphasizing the palpable excitement surrounding this transformative era in Sri Lankan cricket.

Matches are slated to unfold at some of Sri Lanka’s premier international cricket venues, adding an extra layer of allure to this highly anticipated tournament. The Lanka T10 League is poised to become a cornerstone event, marking a significant chapter in Sri Lanka’s cricketing narrative

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