The Estonians are Coming

The Estonians are Coming

A charter flight carrying tourists from Estonia will land in Sri Lanka today (20), Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Chairman, Priyantha Fernando said.

The aircraft operated by SkyUp Airlines can carry 161 passengers, Fernando said.

Estonia has a sizable population of travel enthusiasts, with over 3 million overnight tourists visiting the country annually. This opens up a potential market for Sri Lankan tourism.

The recently launched Finnair flight connecting Sri Lanka with Helsinki could make travel more convenient for Estonians, reducing travel time and potentially increasing travel packages.
Estonians are known for their interest in diverse cultures and historical sites. Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, ancient temples, and vibrant festivals could be a major draw.

Estonians enjoy outdoor activities, and Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes, from beaches and mountains to wildlife sanctuaries, offer exciting opportunities for trekking, surfing, diving, and wildlife safaris.
On average, around 2,000 Estonians visit Sri Lanka each year

The average monthly salary in Estonia is around €1,300. However, there’s a significant income gap, with some earning considerably more and others less.

Considering travel costs, including flights, accommodation, and activities, Sri Lanka can be a budget-friendly destination for Estonians.

The cost of living in Sri Lanka is much lower than in Estonia. This means Estonians can stretch their travel budget further, allowing for a more comfortable trip.

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