The  SJB comes up with a blue blueprint

The SJB comes up with a blue blueprint

The SJB has come up with a blueprint for its future policy plans.

“Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is not unexpected. Decades of short-sighted policies and half-hearted reforms weakened our foundation.

Sudden global crises pushed us to the brink. Appalling mismanagement took us over the edge” said the policy document sadly most of the SJB leadership has been part of this short-sighted political management.

The blue print points out that “the state is bankrupt, inflation is rampant, the economy is faltering, and our socio-political order is in crisis. “

The document authored by Harsha de Silva, Erean wickramarathna, and Kabeer Hasheem argues that SRI Lanka can regain its ground, reform its economy, and rebuild its country.

“Blueprint 2.0 tells us how. Anti-corruption and transparency laws are the bedrock of true, lasting change; and their rigorous implementation is essential to build a society that is just, equitable, and free from corruption.

We must obtain bridge financing for our debt crisis and productively engage with the International Monetary Fund while restructuring our debt. We must maintain financial system stability as we do so.”

Many commentators say most of these assurances would be mere wishful thinking if not accompanied by realistic strategy.

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