TNA Call for Tamil Candidate

TNA Call for Tamil Candidate

Sri Lanka’s Tamil political parties are planning to field a candidate from the minority community in the presidential election to present a credible and acceptable political solution for them, a senior community leader said.
Sri Lanka is scheduled to hold the next presidential election in the last quarter of 2024 to elect a new President by mid-November.

Traditionally the voters of the North and East have voted for candidates of the Main stream parties .

Addressing reporters at his residence in the eastern port district of Trincomalee, senior Tamil leader R Sampanthan said that Tamils will be well served in the forthcoming presidential election by supporting a candidate who would pledge to resolve all issues concerning the minority through an acceptable political solution.

The political parties that form the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have proposed to field a Tamil candidate, he said. But the Tamils must understand that such a candidate would not be able to pull much support and as such the parties must decide on the best course of action, he added.

Mr Sampanthan stressed that the candidate who would present a credible and acceptable political solution for the Tamils by merging the north and east provinces should be an important political factor for the Tamils.


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