Will not jeopardize India’s security

Will not jeopardize India’s security

President Ranil Wickremesinghe expressed optimism of contesting the upcoming presidential election that is slated to be held this year.

The President revealed this during an exclusive interview with Indian news channel WION.

President Wickremesinghe, addressing concerns about China’s increased presence in the Indian Ocean region, stated, “….the island nation will not allow anything that would jeopardize India’s security.”


The Sri Lankan leader emphasized, “We’ve kept Indian security in mind and we will not allow anything to happen that will be harmful to Indian security, and these are all hydrographical vessels.”

When queried about the Sri Lankan government’s decision to not allow the visits of Chinese vessels, Wickremesinghe, who is in Australia for the 7th Indian Ocean Conference, clarified that the administration decided to say no to ships from any country hydrographic matters as it is focusing on building its own hydrographical capacity.

“But if they are Navy ships that are coming in for visits, yes we will allow it,” the President informed WION’s diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal in Perth.

WION correspondent: And moving forward to the domestic aspects of your country. Elections happening this year.

President Ranil: Yes, both presidential and parliamentary.


WION correspondent: And, how optimistic you are that hopefully you will back


President Ranil: For me to be back I must contest


WION correspondent: And you do you plan to sir?


President Ranil: I mean, what’s your plan like my I have come here to put the economy toward my first duty is to focus on that we get out of bankruptcy.


WION correspondent: And do you think you’ve done a good job? I mean, what’s your view about the economy in terms of your tenure because you ultimately were the face of of the crisis in terms of emergence of Sri Lanka back to normalcy?


President Ranil: Well, I’m quite satisfied I feel we will be able to do this.

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