Karu:Moves for Interim Presidiecy ?

Karu:Moves for Interim Presidiecy ?

Opposition Parliamentarian Luxman Kirialla said to parliament that certain civil society groups are trying to call for the abolishment of the executive presidency in a bid to postpone the Presidential election.

There have been a number of social media post and Vlogs claiming that  that there is an attempt to create violence and on the pretext of  maintaining law and order tp postpone the presidential election.

There have also been claims that there is a plot to assassinate  Parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran and blame it on Sivagnanam  Stithanan  the newly elected leader of  the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi.


Mean while political commentator kumar David calls for  a “dynamic-programming” approach which is  commonly used in computational disciplines.

His proposal is to elect ”  Karu Jayasuriya as President for one five-year term and give the country time to navigate these choppy waters; a kind of John the Baptist for Anura.”

Kumar David  points out that  if  Karu Jayasooriya could be sponsored by the NPP for a one five year term   he could abolish the executive presidency.

“someone like Karu who will not be greedy to hang on in office for multiple terms” is Kumar Davids position.



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