Diana -Unseated From Parliament

Diana -Unseated From Parliament

Supreme Court Decision on State Minister Diana Gamage’s Parliamentary Seat

On Wednesday (May 08), the Supreme Court said State Minister Diana Gamage is not allowed to be a member of parliament according to the law.

A three-judge Supreme Court bench on Wednesday decided that State Tourism Minister Diana Gamage is not eligible to hold an MP post after a legal case challenging her eligibility over holding the MP post due to her citizenship.

Social Actvist  Oshala Herath challenged a decision made by the Appeals Court about Diana Gamage’s position in parliament. This happened after the Appeals Court said no to a previous petition by Herath questioning Gamage’s right to be in parliament.

Herath argued in his appeal that Gamage shouldn’t be in parliament because she has citizenship in two countries. He named Gamage and some others in his appeal.

Despite a clause on Sri Lanka’s 21st amendment to the constitution barring dual citizens from entering parliament, legislators who hold dual citizenship can continue to be in parliament unless challenged in court, according to Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

Diana Gamage is a politician and businesswoman from Sri Lanka who is a UK company Director . She became a member of parliament in 2020 with the SJB  but switched to the ruling alliance  in 2021. She’s known for her controversial views, like supporting the export of cannabis and advocating for same-sex marriage and sex work legalization.

Gamage and two other MPs were suspended from parliament for a month after a fight there.

Diana Gamage became the 12th Member of Parliament to be out of the 2020  parliament .

Gamage was accused of breaching immigration laws and hiding credentials over her citizenship.


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