Will  Sampanthan make an exit?

Will Sampanthan make an exit?

In a recent television talk show, Shammer Rasooldeen, a viewer pointed out that of the 288 days Parliament sat, TNA leader Rajavarothayam of the TNA asked whether an estimated expenditure of over four million rupees for taking part in only 13% of the sittings was “another kind of corruption.”

Sumanthiran was surely in a difficult situation, but he admitted the matter was a concern for him and his party.

“Some of us in the party about a year ago went and spoke to him and asked him to step down. He has refused to do  that,

Sumanthiran further said, “We’ll do something about that.” Understandably, the TNA leaders are going to take up this matter; however, it is not going to be easy to find a replacement for Sampanthan as there are so many divisions within the alliance.

Sampanthan, who is ninety years old, is clinging to his post, saying that Trincomalee’s people elected him at the 2020 elections, knowing well that he was not in the very best of health. become the number one candidate, he had pointed out. Ninety years old now, Sampanthan is approaching his 91 birthday on February 5, 2024.
Informed sources said that Sampanthan had earlier promised to resign after being elected after the last election in 2020.

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