Youth in police custody dead  after torture i

Youth in police custody dead after torture i

Allegedly Alex has been tortured by the Jaffna police.

Alex has made a video statement before his death.

A post-mortem examination revealed Alex had sustained “multiple injuries”.

The cause of death form issued by the office of the judicial medical officer found that there were “abrasions and contusions” on the “trunk, both upper limbs and both lower limbs”.

According to Alex’s relatives, he was called for an investigation by the Vaddukkottai police on November 8th. Fearing for his safety, Alex took a friend along. When the duo did not return home, their families sought answers from the police on November 9, receiving no satisfactory response.

On November 9, when the families went to the police station, they claimed to have heard Alex’s screams. Upon demanding to see him, the police reportedly issued threats. Subsequently, a complaint was filed with the Jaffna regional office of the Human Rights Commission, reported the Tamil Guardian.

He was found to be dead when brought to the hospital on November 19th.

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