Amy – Courage’s Women

Amy – Courage’s Women

Australian PM Albanese addressing the federal cabinet, meeting in Canberra, on the Bondi Junction attack prised the bravery of police inspector Amy Scott, saying she was “rushing towards danger, not knowing what she was running into” before stopping the attacker.

“No doubt her swift action in taking out the perpetrator saved lives and we pay tribute to her. And we pay tribute to the ordinary Australians who did extraordinary things,” Albanese said.

Blocked the Attacker

Sri Lankan Ajith Devasurendra who is a resident of a Sydney suburb said that he was at the Bondi Shopping centre to buy a birthday gift and he witnessed at the top of the escalator a man , preventing attacker from getting on to another level.
“If the attacker was not prevented ,Inspector Scott could have missed him and he could have killed many more said Ajith Devasurendra, speaking to Lanka News Line.

Now Inspector Scott is a house hold name in Australia

Eyewitness footage uploaded on social media showed Ms Scott bravely approaching Cauchi before she pulled out her gun and fatally wounded the knifeman after he refused to drop his weapon


Police believe killer Joel Cauchi was ‘targeting women.
‘You can see on the footage he walks past other people. He just keeps moving past them and then attacks a woman.’
Police Commissioner Karen Webb later confirmed it was ‘obvious’ Cauchi was targeting women.
We have no issues with the Police Officer who shot our son as she was only doing her job to protect others and we hope she is coping alright.’ Said Joel Kauchi’s elderly parents.

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