Mystery Surrounds Salman Shooting

Mystery Surrounds Salman Shooting

Shots were fired outside actor Salman Khan’s house in Mumbai’s Bandra on Sunday morning and the suspected gangsters have said on social media, “this is just a trailer indicating that there is more to come.”

Meanwhile, Salman moved on with his sales promotion. Salman Khan’s Being Strong is a fitness lab working with a mission to develop modern equipment. The actor said he still possesses and uses all the items created by the firm, emphasizing their durability. Just after the shooting outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments residence in Mumbai’s Bandra area, he shared his first post on social media, endorsing his brand ‘Being Strong’ and announcing its expansion into Dubai.

The investigators have identified two suspects on a motorcycle firing five rounds at Salman’s residence.

US Connection

The shooters belong to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, a notorious gang that operates from the US has claimed responsibility.


According to sources, Anmol Bishnoi allegedly tasked gangster Rohit Godara, currently residing in the US, with selecting shooters. Investigators believe the shooting was meticulously planned for a month. Salman Khan was previously convicted of killing two black bucks (Antilope cervicapra), also known as the Indian antelope, native to India. Some speculate that this incident hurt the sentiments of the Bishnoi gang, while Salman Khan said that the gangsters are attention seekers.





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