Circular  to Improve Government Service Delivery

Circular to Improve Government Service Delivery

A  new circular with several measures aimed at enhancing efficiency and public service quality.

Key points:

Office hours: 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM for all office-based government employees. Mandatory presence during these hours.

Public service hours: Government offices will be open for financial transactions until 3 PM.

  • Employees must wear issued uniforms if provided.
  • Office IDs must be displayed visibly while on duty.
  • Polite and courteous behaviour towards the public is mandatory.
  • Increased compensation: A cost-of-living allowance increase of 5,000 rupees will be provided to all government sector workers from this month.
  • Dedicated Public Day: Every Monday will be designated as “Public Day.”
  • All state workers, from the lowest level to the Ministry Secretary, must be present at their offices on this day.
  • Leave will only be granted in cases of illness or unavoidable circumstances.
  • No meetings, workshops, or events will be scheduled on Mondays.
    Overall, this circular emphasizes:
  • Many public servants point out that without improvement of the overall administrative structures and governance, such circulars will not make any real difference.

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