Colombo port benefited from the Houthi attack

Colombo port benefited from the Houthi attack

Due to the Huthi attacks in the Red Sea, a favorable situation has arisen for the port of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Due to Colombo’s strategic location and efficient infrastructure, transhipment volume has increased, and new traffic arriving at Colombo Port has increased.

There will be a marked increase in container volume, and questions may arise about the port’s ability to take advantage of this windfall.

Currently, the container volume has increased by about 80%. This unpredictable flow puts more demand on the port’s service capacity

The port of Colombo is being used as an intermediate port to divert ships around the southern tip of Africa to reach Europe.

On the other hand, due to the long journey around Africa, westbound freight rates have increased for Sri Lankan exporters and importers

The long-term consequences of this situation are uncertain. On the other hand, it is impossible to say how long this conflict situation in the Red Sea will last.

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