Diplomatic Relations with Chad

Diplomatic Relations with Chad

Diplomatic Relations with Chad: Why  Now?


Sri Lanka is planning to establish diplomatic relations with the African state Chad. The move comes as Sri Lanka has had to close several existing diplomatic missions due to lack of funding.

Establishing diplomatic ties with failed states in Africa is a common practice among countries seeking partners for votes in forums such as the UNHCR when human rights issues are debated.

Landlocked Chad

Chad, a landlocked country in central Africa, boasts diverse landscapes from the Sahara Desert to lush savannas. Politically, it faces challenges with occasional internal conflict and governance issues. Diplomatically, Chad maintains relations with various African and international partners, seeking to address its development needs.

Establishing diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Chad requires careful evaluation. Sri Lanka’s expertise in textiles and apparel manufacturing, combined with Chad’s potential in agricultural products like cotton and livestock, offers areas for exploration.


Natural Resources

Despite being categorized as a poor country, Chad possesses natural resources such as oil, minerals, and agricultural land. Sri Lanka could explore opportunities for cooperation in resource extraction, agricultural development, and value-added processing industries.

Chad has experienced political instability and conflict in the past, posing challenges for business operations and investment. Sri Lankan companies would need to assess the security situation and potential risks before entering the Chadian market.

Chad faces significant infrastructure deficits, including poor transportation networks and limited access to electricity and water. Corruption and governance issues also challenge business operations and development projects.

While Cabinet spokesperson Bandula Gunawardna has announced the government’s intention to establish diplomatic ties with Chad, the potential benefits of such a relationship have not been explained.



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