Presidential Candidates Deposit Increased?

Presidential Candidates Deposit Increased?

There is speculation that there could be record number of candidates contesting at the next presidential election.
The government has decided to increase the deposit placed by candidates representing recognised political parties as well as independent candidates.

The deposit placed by a candidate representing a party has been increased to 2.6 million rupees while an independent party at the presidential election has to pay to 3.1 million.

The Presidential election of 2019 had 35 candidates.

For parliamentary elections, a candidate representing a recognised political party must pay 11,000 rupees while an independent candidate has to make a deposit of 16,000 rupees.

At the local government polls, a party candidate must pay 6,000 rupees as deposit, while an independent candidate has to pay 11,000.

The presidential election is due to be held between September 17 and October 18 this year.

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