“Ramayana Trail – The Sacred Mission”

“Ramayana Trail – The Sacred Mission”

The official launch of the “Ramayana Trail – The Sacred Mission” Project, hosted by Supreme Global Holdings group, witnessed a fervent address by High Commissioner of India Santosh Jha at Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo. Expressing gratitude for the invitation, Jha welcomed the Indian delegation led by Swami Govind Dev Giriji, highlighting the enduring historical ties between India and Sri Lanka.

Jha reminisced about his personal exploration of the Ramayana trail during his tenure in Sri Lanka, emphasizing its significance in fostering cultural exchange and tourism between the two nations. He underscored the commitment of both countries’ leaders to promote not only the Ramayana trail but also the Buddhist circuit, as outlined in the Vision Document signed during a summit meeting in 2023.

Acknowledging India’s substantial contribution to Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, Jha emphasized the unique appeal of Indian tourists, who explore both Buddhist and Hindu sites across the island. He noted the economic benefits derived from Indian tourism, citing its broader regional impact compared to other tourist segments.

Lord Rama

The Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka is a journey that traces the legendary footsteps of Lord Rama, the hero of the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana. This pilgrimage route winds through various sites believed to be connected to the epic.
In Ramayana, Ashok Vatika is said to be the place where Sita was kept captive. This is also the place where Hanuman met Sita and later put entire Lanka on fire. Seetha Eliya is the name of this place today.
Close to the resort city of Nuwara Eliya, the Hakgala Botanical Garden is the believed to be the modern Ashok Vatika. The much revered Sita Amman Temple is located here. Hakgala Botanical Garden is at the base of the Hakgala Rock forms.


Seetha Eliya


The Sita Pokuna is a strip of barren area over Hakgala Rock Jungle. It is the place where Sita was away from her husband Lord Ram.

Near the Ashok Vatika, the site of Divurumpola is the place where Goddess Sita performed the fire test to prove her Chastity. Infuriated Goddess asked the Mother Goddess Earth to take her away from the world.

Ramayana talks of Ravana’s mighty aircraft, The Pushpak Vimana. It is said that Ravana had six airports with many other mythological flying aircrafts and chariots that he won from Gods and other kings in the battles. Thotupola Kanda is one of the six airports. After Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita, he landed here.

Thotupola Kanda

Thotupola Kanda is the third highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka and is a popular trekking spot. Hiking to Thotupola Kanda is one of the most adventurous things to do in Sri Lanka.
After Lord Ram won his war with Ravana, he installed a Shiva Lingam at Manavari and seeked Lord Shiva’s blessings. It was built by Lord Rama. It is known as Ramalingam. Manavari Temple is located in Chilaw, a town of great mythological importance and is one of the prime locations for The Ramayana trail.
Known for its great food and ambience,Millions of Hindu tourists visit Chilaw every year. Munneshwaram Temple is a destination of importance to Hindu pilgrims. Rama was advised by Lord Shiva to build lingams for him to find penance from the curse of killing a Brahmi
It was on Lord Hanuman to bring the magical herb to save the life of a Lakshamana hit by fatal arrows. Confused, after not being able to find it, Hanuman decided to lift the mountain itself. Sanjivani drops are the chinks of the hill that have fallen at five places.

One such place is Ritigala, a beautiful mysterious location filled with magical herbs and plantations of medical importance. Ritigala is the highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka. Other locations of the hill include Kachchativu Island, Thalladi, Dolukanda near Arankale, monastery and Rumassala.

At a close proximity from Kandy, the Sita Kothwa is located. Goddess Sita spent the initial days of her exile in this place.




Beautiful lush green jungles and waterfalls fill this picturesque of a small village. Lord Hanuman started his search for Goddess Sita at this place.
The quaint Bhaktha Hanuman temple here is a dedication to Lord Hanuman. Millions of devotees visit this temple on the occasion of The Full Moon. The Hindu community believes Ramboda as one of the prime religious sites in Sri Lanka.

Ritigala Mountain


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