New Jelly fish identified in Sri Lankan waters

New Jelly fish identified in Sri Lankan waters

A new box jellyfish species named Carybdea Wayamba has been identified by researchers at the Wamba university.

Currently, about 150 jellyfish have been identified
Jellyfish is a delicacy and there is potential for a new form of fishery after carrying out further studies. These lively floating mushrooms could be harmful if they sting.

The Waymba university study which commenced in 2017   identified at least 10 jellyfish species floating in the waters of the country.
The research was named “Waya-jel-Survey” discovery of a jellyfish species that was not known before.

The new jellyfish has been Carybdea Wayamba, and this is the first time that this Jellyfish has been found in the North Indian Ocean.

“Studying jellyfish is challenging, as there are only a few baseline surveys or proper identification guides,”

says Krishan Karunarathne, a Ph.D. candidate.

The recently described box jellyfish Carybdea Wayamba is named after Wayamba University; it’s also the first species discovery made through the university project. Image courtesy of Waya-jel-Survey.

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