Will Sri Lanka settle for $ 2.5 million compensation

Will Sri Lanka settle for $ 2.5 million compensation

Sri Lanka is faced with massive environmental destruction with the sinking of the express Pearl  ship which was caring toxic chemicals in its cargo and many environmentalists claim that the extent of the damage is still not known in full

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has received $2.5 million in the third interim payment for the sinking of the X-Press Pearl cargo ship in June 2021, giving it a total of just $7.85 million.

The worst maritime disaster in the country’s history has been compensated by the Singapore-flagged vessel’s insurer on a reimbursement basis.  This is for direct damages and cleanup.

Environmental lawyers say that the issue is much more complex and the compensation claims should be much more. The residue of hazardous chemicals and billions of plastic pellets are still on the beaches surrounding Negambo.

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