Shiva Rathri Incidents Condemned

Shiva Rathri Incidents Condemned

The Sangha for Better Sri Lanka (SBSL) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) two organizations involved in reconsolidation said that they are saddened by the untoward incidents that took place during the Maha Shiva Rathri Event (March 8, 2024) at Vedukkunari Aathi Sivan Temple in the North of Sri Lanka.
On the Maha Shiva Rathri night (the most auspicious night in the Hindu calendar), in an alarming escalation of force, the security forces resorted to actions which included depriving the devotees of food, water and other basic necessities, and the forceful and humiliating manner in which the devotees including the temple priests were removed from the site and detained said SBSL  and GTF in a joint statement .

Suspicions and Fears

“We are aware of the history of the conflict in this and other contentious areas which are often fuelled by the suspicions and fears among the minority communities about the broader state agenda of imposing majoritarian character, symbols and practices at the expense of their centuries old cultural traditions and practices. The Archelogy Department is often viewed as a tool to achieve this end. The courts too are subjected to unhealthy pressure and on the present crisis there are conflicting interpretations as to whether the night pooja was permitted or not – this in itself is an affront to those who have been following such religious practices over many years”.

The two organizations said that  excessive force and the humiliating treatment inflicted upon the devotees of a particular faith is not acceptable .

“As the police couldn’t produce any evidence of damage at the site, and the fact that there was an existing legal determination that worshipping must be permitted the release of all detainees by the judge is of great relief” said the joint statement .



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