Sri lanka  Good  on Mental  Health

Sri lanka Good on Mental Health

Sri Lanka among world’s  least  miserable nations

Sri Lanka is among the world’s least miserable nations, as per the 2023 Mental State of the World Report by Sapien Labs.

Sri Lanka ranks as the world’s 2nd highest in Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) with a score of 89.

The Dominican Republic leads the list, while Tanzania, Panama, and Malaysia round off the top five.


Only 14% of Sri Lanka’s population reports feeling distressed or struggling, the lowest globally. Sri Lanka, Italy, Georgia and Nigeria have the lowest percentages of respondents who are Distressed or Struggling

According to the report, this is in stark contrast to countries like Brazil, South Africa, and the UK, where up to 35% face mental health challenge


Mental State of the World 2023

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