Sri Lankan’s Detained in Malaysia

Sri Lankan’s Detained in Malaysia

Malaysia Detains 158 Illegal Immigrants, Including Sri Lankans, in Raid

Foreign media reported on Saturday that Malaysia detained 158 illegal immigrants, including individuals from Sri Lanka, for residing in the country without valid visas or permits and overstaying their allowed duration.

According to Perak Immigration Director Meor Hezbullah Meor Abdul Malik, the detainees were apprehended during a raid conducted at the Bercham Flats in Perak. The operation involved 160 individuals from the state immigration department and Ulu Kinta General Operations Force.

The detainees included 83 men, 54 women, eight boys, and three girls, ranging in age from 9 to 60 years. They hailed from Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

Most of the individuals were renting apartments from local landlords, with approximately 560 units across 15 blocks inspected during the operation, Meor Hezbullah stated.

Among the detainees was a 50-year-old Indonesian woman who had been working as a house cleaner without a permit for a year.

Meor Hezbullah cautioned local homeowners against renting their properties to foreigners without proper authorization. He highlighted that such actions could result in charges under Section 55(E) of the Immigration Act 1959/63, carrying a maximum fine of RM 30,000 or imprisonment for up to 12 months, or both.

Following the recent arrests, the department announced plans to investigate every homeowner who rented their units to undocumented immigrants.In recent years, Malaysia has increased the number of penal offenses subject to caning to more than 60. Since 2002, when Parliament made immigration violations such as illegal entry subject to caning, tens of thousands of refugees and migrant workers have been caned

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