Basil:  Humpty-Dumpty Politics

Basil: Humpty-Dumpty Politics

Humpty-Dumpty Politics: Can Basil Put the SLPP Back Together?

Comparisons to Humpty-Dumpty abound as the SLPP, once soaring like a political comet, finds itself in a state of disarray. Basil’s loyalists are hopeful for a miraculous recovery, while sceptics wonder if he can manage the political crisis that saw the SLPP lose control over the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha.


Three Sinhala Letters and a Hat: SLPP’s Unique Presidential Candidate Criteria

Rumors swirl in political circles about the SLPP’s search for a presidential candidate with a name containing three Sinhala letters. Is it Namal, Basil, or Chamal who will don the presidential hat? The Rajapaksa family appears uninterested in outsiders, likely fearing a repeat of the Wickremesinghe saga.

Basil’s Return: A Comedy or Miracle in the Making?

As Basil’s return sparks enthusiasm among his followers, the question on everyone’s mind is whether he can work the political magic needed to save the SLPP. His designation as the chief strategist will be put to the ultimate test, especially considering the recent Elpitiya PS defeat casting a shadow on his political prowess.

SLPP’s Dilemma: Presidential Gamble or Comedy of Errors?

Facing a dearth of popular candidates and a shrinking support base, the SLPP is at a crossroads. Will they gamble on a presidential election, facing potential humiliation, or opt for a general election first? Basil’s reported role as the Prime Ministerial candidate adds a layer of complexity, especially considering the constitutional hurdles around dual citizenship.

The Herculean Task Ahead: Basil’s Comedy Show or Political Resurgence?

Regaining grassroots support is crucial, and Basil’s ability to reverse the SLPP’s fortunes is compared to a Herculean task. Whether his return will orchestrate a political miracle or turn into a comedic misadventure remains uncertain. Sri Lanka awaits with bated breath to witness the unfolding saga of Basil Rajapaksa’s grand return.

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