Ranil and Gota agree with Ivan

Ranil and Gota agree with Ivan

Prominent journalist Victor Ivan said that the President and Priminister both have agreed to a reform program suggested by him.

He said that the country is moving into a dangerous crisis due to poor governance. Ivan said that he met President Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and told him the President needs to demonstrate that he is willing to be answerable to the law and release all political prisoners including Ranjan Ramanayaka.

The journalist said that in the discussion that continued for over two hours the President agreed to get the United Nations to monitor the process.

Prime minister Ranil Wichramasinha who met Victor Ivan at Galle has also agreed with reform presence.
Quick Elections :

The reform process called for a well-constituted election and an interim constitution that outlines the changes that need to be made.

Ivan warned that anarchy is looming all over and the crisis is mounting and a total collapse is unavoidable if prompt action is not taken.

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