Duminda : What next?

Duminda : What next?

Duminda R Silva who identifies himself as a philanthropist and politician is to return to where he was before receiving a presidential pardon for the murder of rival Bharatha Luxman Premachandra.

At least that’s what many speculate.


The legal eagle’s around Duminda think that he has a strong case and it’s a matter of time before he is on safe ground.

Duminda’s lawyers could always argue that he did not receive a fair trial as there were claims that Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayaka had spoken to one of the judges as well as the prosecuting police officers to influence the case.

Divided Opinion:

High Court was not unanimous in the decision of sentencing Duminda Silva.

Judge Gunaratne, the presiding judge of the bench, passed one judgment and Padmini M. Ranawaka and M.B.S. Morais, agreed with each other and passed the sentence on Duminda Silva.

The sentence was upheld in the Supreme Court.

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry concluded that former MP Duminda Silva had been treated unfairly.

As the Supreme Court has ordered the CID to arrest Silva, nullifying a presidential pardon he has hospitalized himself and his health condition or the cause remains unknown.

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