Will CEB Chairman be corrected by Gota?

Will CEB Chairman be corrected by Gota?

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has now denied the statement made by the CEB chairman at the COPE committee that he gave the authorization to award the Wind Power project in Mannar to an Indian conglomerate.

The question that remains is whether will the President ask the CEB chairman to explain himself as to why he said something that he never said or just remain silent after a tweet.

“Re a statement made by the #lka CEB Chairman at a COPE committee hearing regarding the award of a Wind Power Project in Mannar, I categorically deny authorization to award this project to any specific person or entity. I trust responsible communication in this regard will follow.” The President tweeted.

Answering a question at the COPE committee hearing yesterday (10th), whether the Adani group has been nominated as a representation of the Indian government, the Chairman of CEB said that the President informed him that the Indian Prime Minister is pressurizing him to provide this project to the Indian entity.

“I told him that this is not a matter related to me or the CEB and it should be referred to the Board of Investment,” he said at the COPE committee hearing.said the CEB Chairman.

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