More Holidays are on the way?

More Holidays are on the way?

The Ministry of Public Administration has declared Monday, 13th June, a Special Government Holiday and discussions to cut short working days are underway, according to informed sources.

Transportation issues and difficulties experienced in operating government offices have been discussed at the highest levels.
Meanwhile, trade unions have requested Education Authorities to limit school days.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Service Union, Mahinda Jayasinghe said that trade unions will be meeting the Education Minister to discuss the matter.

Global trend More than 3,300 workers at 70 British companies have started working a four-day week with no loss of pay in what organizers of the program call the world’s biggest trial of a shorter workweek.

Meanwhile more than a dozen companies in Australia and New Zealand have announced are set to take part in a four-day working week trial, just weeks after an identical trial began in the UK.

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