Ranil and Sumanthiran in talks

Ranil and Sumanthiran in talks

President Ranil Wickremesinghe is in talks with Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian  Abraham Sumanthiran and many others in formulating a road map for national reconciliation. The political editor of the Sunday Times notes that

“Sumanthiran’s participation makes clear that he has become the main source through which Tamil demands are being articulated”

Mr Sumanitiran is said to have come up with a call for call for early conduct of Provincial Council elections which is seen by many as a means of the TNA consolidating its power base in the North and East.

Sumanthiran is said to have said that the TNA  will be coming up with demands of self-determination and a federal form of governance in future talks. Meanwhile, India is pushing for the complete implementation of the 13th amendment

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