Moscow  Attack: Putin Blames Ukraine

Moscow Attack: Putin Blames Ukraine


Moscow concert hall attack: Putin tells Russians Ukraine linked to attack which killed 133, claims denied by Kyiv officials

It was just before eight o’clock and the auditorium at Crocus City Hall was filling up, ahead of a Friday night rock concert by veteran band Picnic.

“Some people in brown clothing, I don’t know who they were – terrorists, military, whoever – broke into the auditorium and started shooting at people with assault rifles,” said photographer Dave Primov, who saw the attack unfold from an upstairs balcony.

The gunmen had just walked across the concourse outside the theatre, opening fire at random, killing and wounding members of the public as they walked in.

Some 6,200 tickets had been sold for the concert, but security outside the entrance quickly melted away. One of four guards said his colleagues hid behind an advertising board: “Those attackers passed 10m [30ft] away from us – they started shooting randomly at people on the ground floor.”

At least 133 people were killed and more than 140 injured when gunmen attacked a packed concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia says
A large fire engulfed the roof of the complex and dramatic video shows panicked concertgoers taking cover as shots and explosions ring out


Four Gunmen Arrested
Russian President Vladimir Putin says all four gunmen have been arrested, and that the suspects were trying to flee to Ukraine – Kyiv says allegations of Ukrainian involvement are “absurd”
Putin calls the attack a “barbaric terrorist act” and announces a day of national mourning for 24 March
Muscovites are queuing to give blood for those injured and flower tributes have been placed at the scene of the attack
The US says it’s credible that the Islamic State group could be behind the attack, after the group said it did it. Russia has not commented

Sri Lanka strongly condems 

Sri Lanka strongly condemned the dastardly terrorist attack which occurred at the Crocus City shopping centre in Moscow, Russia causing tragic loss of civilian lives and injury.

The Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry said that such cowardly acts of violence against civilians are abhorrent and have no place in civilized society.

The Government and the people of Sri Lanka extend their heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, the People and the Government of the Russian Federation at this time of grief.

Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations must be unequivocally condemned and eradicated said the Foreign Ministry .

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