Sajith’s Qualifications Questioned?

Sajith’s Qualifications Questioned?

All presidential candidates should show the public their apparent qualifications, whether they engage in public debates or not, former Minister Navin Dissanayake said.


“All presidential candidates, be it A/L,s degrees or masters/professional qualifications, should show their qualifications to the public. We cannot have mere talkers crashing this country after an amazing stable recovery,” Dissanayake said in his latest post on X

It is well known that Ranil Wickramanigha is a law graduate of the Colombo University and Anura kumara disaanayaka is a graduate of the Colombo University. However there has been controversy regarding the qualifications of Sajith  Premadasa.Naveen Dissanayake does not directly comment on Sajith Premada’s  qualifications.

Aegrotat Degree

Sajith Premadasa, was awarded a degree certificate by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) as a Bachelor of Science (Economics) in International Relations after sitting only his first year examinations while his father was the President of Sri Lanka, the Colombo Telegraph reported previously

The London University has given him what is known as an Aegrotat degree on August 01, 1991, the LSE said “the candidate may be offered an Aegrotat degree if satisfying the School under Regulation 45 but not recommended for an Honours or Pass degree. The candidate has the right to accept or decline the offer within a reasonable time specified by the School from time to time. In the event that the candidate has re-entered for examinations, the offer will lapse. An Aegrotat degree will be unclassified.”

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