The Bellana Issue

The Bellana Issue

The collective of trade unions representing the health sector have urged the Health Ministry to remove Dr. Rukshan Bellana as the Deputy Director of the National Hospital, Colombo.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, president of the Federation of Health Professionals, Ravi Kumudesh said Dr. Bellana had vehemently criticized the junior staffers for their involvement in the recent strike organized by health trade unions, humiliating the health workers.

Dr. Rukshan Bellana had to be rescued by the Police anti-riot squad and the army,  and  was taken to safety on Friday after workers held him hostage for six hours.T two dummies who were first taken out in the presence of the protesting health workers while he moved out of the building  from a different path .

A Vocal Activist 

Dr. Rukshan Bellana said that it is former Health Minister Kehilya supporters who are instigating these protest and this is because he exposed the fake drug scandal.

Some health professionals said that Dr Bellana has been mixing up his amdmiistrative duties with his activist role.

Dr Bellana has been fearlessly naming high ranking health sector professionals allegedly in volved in white collar crime.

He has also said that some of the minor staff of  the Colombo National Hospital  have been  involved in corrupt practices such as selling drugs within the hospital premises.

Dr Bellana has said that he is not willing to leave his post due to unruly staff at the Colombo National Hospital.


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