Will Ranil and Sajith Join Hands ?

Will Ranil and Sajith Join Hands ?

M any are relentlessly trying to broker peace between Ranil and Sajith as they argue that it woulb nbe mutualy benfical and nullify the Rajapksha effect on politics. How ever all involved in the peace brokering are well aware that this this is a herculean task.

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Rauff Hakeem and Democratic People’s Front (DPF) leader Mano Ganesan are the prime movers of the reunification initiative.


Both parties now have five members each in Parliament. “We have sought a meeting and will push ahead with our proposals. We are conscious that some decisions are taken at the leadership level without consultation with the stakeholders. That will not deter us,” Hakeem said.


Many point out that that Ranil and Sajith don’t have any policy differences  other than personal bitterness that needs be putaside. .

A proposal on the table is that   for Sajith to be Prime Minister while  until the Presidency, to be held by Wickremesinghe, for a limited period. and thereafter, the presidency to be abolished.

Sources close to Premadasa cast serious doubts about the move becoming a reality. “The bitterness between them has grown to such high levels that Premadasa would not be receptive. Even at the UNP rally at Kuliyapitiya last Sunday, Wickremesinghe strongly criticised our leader. Moreover, he does not want to let down those who believed in him and joined the SJB,” these sources who did not wish to be identified said to the Sunday Times.

This is what Rauf Hakeem had to say :

“We are working on the SJB support. There are those in the SJB who favour a parliamentary election first,” SLMC leader Hakeem said. He added that they would also move towards the rapprochement of the two leaders. “That is the only way we can ensure stability in the country. If by chance there is a hung Parliament, there could even be a national government,” he pointed out.

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