The Adam’s bridge Heritage claim in Indian courts

The Adam’s bridge Heritage claim in Indian courts

The Indian courts will be hearing on a claim made by the Indian politicians to declare Adam’s bridge, also known as Ram Sethu, the shallow hedge with limestone fragments located in between Rameshwaram India and Mannar island of Sri Lanka should be declared as national heritage of India.

The hearing is scheduled for the 9th of March.
Adam BridgeCurrently, it has been declared as a boundary of Sri Lanka under the 1974 International Maritime Boundary line, alongside Kachchativu island, in an exchange of 4 nautical miles added to India’s limits.

The Indian claim is based on mythology and pursuing such claims may affect the relationship between India and Sri Lanka adversely Dr. A. Ramaswami of Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), an expert from India has pointed out previously, to the Indian Supreme Court that Indian claims based on mythology could not be substantiated.

The Institute of Ocean Resources Analysis, a not-for-profit organization, has requested to intervene in the court proceedings to safeguard Sri Lanka’s interest.

A decision in favour of the ‘heritage’ claim may adversely affect Sri Lanka’s ownership of this limestone stretch.

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