Carefully worded statement on talks with bilateral creditors

Carefully worded statement on talks with bilateral creditors

Sri Lanka said it held a productive meeting with its bilateral creditors, which include India and China The outcome of the talks has been communicated by the Governor by a carefully worded e mail

“The IMF programme and economic reform agenda will reconstitute Sri Lanka’s financial buffers,”

Weerasinghe said in the emailed statement. “I thank the official creditors for joining this productive meeting where we were able to discuss Sri Lanka’s current financial position and progress on reforms.” Said the Governor of the Central Bank

“Now we are really getting into the talks with China,”


A  source said to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

“However, China has not changed its stance on not accepting haircuts but has indicated they may be willing to be more flexible on maturity extensions,” the source had said Reuters. Earlier on Thursday, S&P Global Ratings lowered ratings on multiple Sri Lanka bonds to its lowest rating “D”, from “CC”, following missed interest payments on Sept. 14 and 28.

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