Gota Invited to Gota Go Gama

Gota Invited to Gota Go Gama

The diverse groups at the Galle face protest said that they want the President gone and they have no interest in talks.

The media briefing was held in response to an event organized by the Presidents office where several individuals identifying themselves as protesters met the President and submitted proposals.

Black Cap Movement, Youth for Change, the Inter-University Students Federation, and many others disassociated themselves with those who went to meet the President.

Invitation :

However, Wasantha Mudalige, who is the Convenor of the Inter-University Students Federation extended an invitation to President Rajapaksha to visit GotaGoGama, reminding him of the Gama Samaga Pilisandarak Program which was held on the


The President is to visit remote villages on the weekend and discuss issues with villagers.
Mudalige said that if the President comes to Gota Go Gama that they could present him with their proposals.

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