How to deal with Chinese expansionism

How to deal with Chinese expansionism

Political analysts point out that China’s expansionist interests have to be tackled and balanced with India’s and Japan’s humanitarian concerns and security interests in order to resolve the economic crisis  Sri Lanka is currently facing.

Harsh V. Pant Professor of International Relations with King’s India Institute at King’s College London said that a high-profile Sri Lankan delegation will visit China in the coming weeks to discuss how diverse interests could be balanced.

He argues that the primary challenge will derive from Beijing and its expansionism and on the other hand the appetite for more assistance to Colombo might wear thin in New Delhi if Colombo continues to accommodate China.

Many analysts point out that restructuring loans in the IMF formula will be impossible if China s not willing to take a haircut and share losses. Hindrance to implementing the staff-level agreement may push Sri Lanka into a more profound crisis, and many analysts point out that time is running out.

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