Kith and Kin killed in war could be commemorated

Kith and Kin killed in war could be commemorated

The government has decided to allow people in the North and East to commemorate their kith and kin killed during the war.

The President’s Media Division (PMD) has issued a communique that relatives could be commemorated in private.

“Terrorists are not allowed to be commemorated but the commission has recommended granting the right to commemorate the death of a relative [that] occurred during the war, in private,” This ruling comes after a report on human rights issues was handed over to the President.

paranagama Commission
The commission headed by Supreme Court Judge A H M D Nawaz has recommended that immediate investigation of the findings of the Paranagama Commission appointed in 2015 needs to take place and a court case needs to be filed or compensation needs to be paid accordingly.

Human rights activists point out that it is unfortunate that the government has taken so long to implement recommendations of the Paranagama Commission which looked into about 20,000 complaints.

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