New crabs fire flys found

New crabs fire flys found

Sri Lanka’s environment is been challenged by river diversion, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, overexploitation, and climate change reveals the 6th National Report.

More than 100 experts have joined in preparing the report which has identified new species of scorpions, millipedes, termites, thrips, and fireflies.

The new report has identified unique zones for freshwater crabs, dragonflies, land snails, amphibians, reptiles, orchids, and marine and mangrove habitats.

The report points out that waste dumped from sugar refineries is a key issue as the waste dumped in large open pits, can seep into nearby waterways, affecting a large number of freshwater fish.

The existence of land sales is also threatened, 253 species of land snails are found in Sri Lanka, and 205 are endemic to the island. They face an array of threats, ranging from the loss and fragmentation of their habitat to climate change.

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