Release my hard-earned money -Jacqueline Fernandez

Release my hard-earned money -Jacqueline Fernandez

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez has the authority to release her assets attached by the Enforcement Directorate.

She has been charged under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act for receiving gifts from Sukesh Chandrasekhar.
She maintains that she was conned  by Sukesh Chandrasekhar and now the Enforcement Directorate
Has ordered provisional attachment of her fixed deposits worth INR7.2 crore.

, Jacqueline Fernandez said: “Just because she is (a) recipient of certain gifts which were forced on her by .
conned by Sukesh Chandrasekhar

Asserting that she was a victim of manipulation Jacqueline said “what she has lost and suffered as a woman cannot be calculated in monetary terms”.
She maintains the assets

was he prrofessionally earned income generated through blood and sweat and working in the industry for so long”.

She said she was lured into forming a connection with Chandrasekhar, but never abetted his activities.

To lure her, Jacqueline says, Chandrasekhar used Pinki Irani alias Angel (another accused) to connect with her and claimed himself to be the “nephew of Jayalalitha (former chief minister of Tamil Nadu) and owns Sun TV”.

Claiming that Chandrasekhar insisted on showering her with gifts despite her repeated refusals, the Sri Lankan citizen, who moved to India to work in Bollywood, said,

he would just go on a rampage and if not accepted by the respondent, he would just instruct his men to leave the gifts with the watchmen or outside the gate”,

adding that she never had an opportunity to check the source of these gifts

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