Think twice before legalizing cannabis- College Psychiatrists

Think twice before legalizing cannabis- College Psychiatrists

The Sri Lanka of College Psychiatrists of (SLCP) is calling for more research before legalizing cannabis.

The SLCP has made it clear that it does not endorse the legalization of cannabis and that it could lead to drug abuse.

According to SLCP the use of excessive of Cannabis could lead to a number of issues ranging from loss of memory to  lessening the capacity to understand, concentrate and comprehend  the visual and spatial relationship among objects,

The  negative effects of cannabis on the nervous system during pregnancy is another issue
According to the Ayurveda Act of Sri Lanka, Ayurveda physicians are provided with a limited amount of Cannabis for medical use.

The American Psychiatric Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists of the United Kingdom, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists as well as other international medical organizations have expressed concern regarding cannabis legalization including its medicinal purposes, the SLCP notes.

Bar Association President Saliya Pieris, PC, said they have not yet considered the issue of cannabis legalization.

A parliamentary committee has been set up by the President to consider legalizing cannabis as an export product.

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