A tax recommended for clinical waste disposal

A tax recommended for clinical waste disposal

‘Clinical waste’ comes from hospitals and it is a Hugh challenge when it comes to disposal.

According to a report published by the CORDING United Nations Development Program (UNDP) although there is considerable progress, there is much to be done.

It has been proposed that clinical waste management needs to be standardized better.

The report also proposes that a tax needs to impose on those who generate clinical waste.

Private Sector:

According to the Central Environmental Authority hospitals, Ayurvedic centers, and medical laboratories, generate about Around 40 metric tons of clinical waste on a daily basis.

The Colombo national hospital produces about 15 tons of clinical waste but as it does not have its own disposal facility a private company has been hired to dispose f clinical waste.

Clinical waste disposal carried out by the private sector is regulated by the environmental authorities.

Although clinical waste needs to be disposed of within 48 hours it has been reported previously that there have been instances of clinical waste lying around the hospital for about three months before disposal.

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