Russian tourists and loans welcome

Russian tourists and loans welcome

Despite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Sri Lanka is moving ahead with the Russians.

Sri Lanka has no other option than to welcome tourists from Russia as Russia continues to be the leading market for Sri Lanka Tourism.

The Sri Lankan government has decided to extend the visas of over 15,000 Russian and Ukrainian tourists for two months.

According to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Tourism, there are currently 11,463 Russian and 3,993 Ukrainian tourists in the country.
Police and hotels have been told to monitor and stay on alert to avoid any possible incidents among Russian and Ukrainian tourists who are presently in Sri Lanka as most of them are staying in the same hotels or in the same areas.

Reportedly Sri Lanka has requested the Russian government for a loan of $ 300 million

Sri Lanka abstained from backing a resolution at the United Nations (UN) in support of Ukraine.

A total of 141 UN Member States voted for the resolution while 5 countries voted against it and 34 abstained from the resolution that demanded that Russia stops its offensive in Ukraine and withdraw all troops.

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