Gota should not have gone- Mahainda

Gota should not have gone- Mahainda

The Sunday Times political editor, a journalist with long-standing relations with the Rajapaksha’s was able to clear a layer of security cordons and reach out Mahinda Rajapaksha at  his residence at Stanmore Crescent

Smiling Rajapaksha said readily yes for a media interview very well knowing that difficult questions are on the way.

Rajapasha intends to be in politics as long has he can.
“I will remain in politics. I will retire only at the appropriate time’ is his plan.
At least on record Mahinda Rajapaksha is not fully convinced of his brother’s sudden departure.
“He should have finished what he had to do. But Gotabaya is not a politician.”

According to Mahinda Rajapaksha he did not consult him before making a sudden exit.
“He did not tell me.” He added that Gotabaya Rajapaksa should not have gone. When he had decided, he told me “I am going, and I did not say anything.”

Mahinda said that if was consulted before going is advice would have been different j
“If he asked me whether to go, I would have said no, don’t go.”

Mahinda Rajapaksa said, “Gotabaya Rajapaksa is not responsible for all the country’s ills. Everybody including me and the previous governments would have to answer. Unfortunately, he (Gotabaya) acted on the advice of the experts he trusted. Therefore, he cannot be blamed. Said Mahinda Rajapaksha before concluding the interview abruptly after one of his staff intervened.

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