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Harsha calls to reform financial discipline

Harsha calls to reform financial discipline

Opposition MP Dr. Harsha de Silva has vowed to improve financial transparency
The newly appointed financial acts are passed without t proper analysis and deliberation.
The ban on fertilizer and the reduction of taxes were two cases that the   Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance passed without proper insight.
He said that the general public and civil society need to be more involved in the financial decision-making process.
Harsha de Silva  said that an independent budget office needs to function to streamline financial matters
In a Twitter message, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP said the proposed Parliamentary Budget Office will provide the committee and 225 MPs with relevant analysis on all finance bills.

The committee approved the revised budget and the proposed Social Security Tax Bill at the meeting .

Also, the committee approved the regulations that are to be imposed under the Exchange Rate Bill No 12 of 201 and also the regulations under the Special Commodity Levy Bil

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