The ban on items frustrates traders.

The ban on items frustrates traders.

A number of nonessential goods have been banned until further notice., in a bid to save foreign exchange.

However, BOI companies are exempt from the ban  and   re-exporters and other entities need approval from Finance Ministry and Industries Ministry

The banned imports range from chocolates to air conditioners and cover a list of about 300 items.

The import ban is slapped on a wide range of consumer goods from chocolates to spectacles, to suitcases, to pressure cookers, to toasters, to wristwatches, to dishwashers, to telephones, air conditioners, to cosmetics, to perfumes, to musical instruments, to clothing items including underpants, to alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and a number of products that fall under the investment goods imports.
Goods shipped on board with the date of bill of lading/airway bill on or before August 23, 2022, and arrived at any seaport or airport in Sri Lanka on or before September 14, 2022, would be allowed for Customs clearance.
The traders who sell these items will be hard hit as they will have no goods to service the market.

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