Japan and India join hands to minimize Chinese influence on Sri Lanka….


Japan and India are strategizing to counter Chinese influence on SriLanka , said said Lt Gen PR Shankar (retd), an Indian Army veteran who had last served as Director General Artillery.

“Japan has deep roots in Sri Lanka and has been carrying out pro-people projects. India and Japan are also standing by Sri Lanka for seeking support from the International Monetary Fund,”

He was speaking at an event organized by the Chennai Center for China Studies.

On India’s twin interest in SriLanka, he said that it was about stability in a civilization neighbor and marginalizing Chinese influence in the region. In this regard, he pointed out the presence of Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman in Washington DC, during Sri Lanka’s IMF negotiations and India’s generous aid that continues to flow towards the island nation.

“Japan and SriLanka have had a cordial relationship since 1952 and the former is a major creditor of the island nation. Japan provides grants, loan assistance, technical cooperation, support through UN agencies, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Japanese and International NGOs. Japan has always had a multi pronged pronged line of action which includes promoting high-quality inclusive growth, development cooperation for inclusive growth, mitigating vulnerability and tsunami relief,” Lt Gen Shankar(retd) said.


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