Lines and patches of colour visualize emotions

Lines and patches of colour visualize emotions

Ajith Ranjan Ekanayake is popularly known as ‘Ajith ‘to his friends has been able to add a spectrum of colour to social media. His watercolour drawings which are light in shade are visual stories that speak for themselves.

Ajith has worked with the state-owned advertising company ‘Salasine’ for more than four decades and now is officially retired but very much active with the brush.

As he explains ‘most of the work within the advertising field was digital art and always there was the undo button to make changes but now as I have got to watercolours I can feel the difference, there is no undo button here and you have to be focused before you sit for a painting.

During the period of good governance Dr Sunil Wijewardana and a team were housed at the president’s house within a unit that examined how cultural policies to transform the country could be developed and ajith was with the team.

“ I believe that atr and culture plays a very important role in are life and this connection remains a missing link that needs to be seriously explored ‘ said Ajith .

The caricatures drawn by Ajith of three key elements first it has, His watercolour paintings are patches of colour and lines that spill out emotion.

Ajith is also an expert in drawing caricatures, His caricatures have a likeness in other words you could identify the subjects without much difficulty and it has exaggeration in proportion, he is able to capture the big eyes of Ranil Wickramasinha, the sharp features of Sirmavo and Chandrika the brush like moustache of Mahinda and the glittering teeth of Gota with a smile.

As a result of capturing the elements of likeness and proportionately balancing exaggeration Ajith’s caricatures are very lively.

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